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"Paper Pins"
Set Sampler of work by Kelli Purkey
Images stamped and glued in layers, edges embossed with gold and
sprayed with clear acrylic lacquer. DIRECTIONS at bottom of the page

ALL SAMPLES were made by Kelli Purkey (CLICK HERE for her Gallery/website)
If I am sent her step-by-step instructions, I will post them

Dimensional Pins by Kelli Purkey:
line art stamp
card stock (CS)
Aleene's Tacky glue
Heavy Duty magnets (not from Walmart...get from Home Depot or Lowe's)
medium washers (pin is attached with magnet and washer rather than pinback)
black marker
supplies to color image
rhinestones and glue if desired for embellishment
permanent ink
Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze spray (About $5 at Michael's)
Stamp image on CS. Color as desired. Glue two blank pieces of CS to stamped
image. Don't use too much glue as the layers will slide about. Punch any
holes required for embellishment. Trim the glued layers to exact image
shape. Gently mold and shape trimmed image while glue is still wet. Set
aside. Stamp and color image again, exactly as before. Glue to single blank
pieces of CS. Trim this 2 layer piece to exact image shape of sections of
image to be raised. Gently mold and shape this piece. If back side of this
piece will show, color back to match front. Use a black marker along cut
edges of all pieces. Glue raised pieces to 3 layer piece. It will not be
attached flush...it will have hollow spots. Repeat 2 piece layer step again
if you want to have another layer of dimension. Allow to dry. Spray front
and back of finished design with Krylon Triple Thick Glaze spray. Repeat when dry
for a total of 5-8 coats. Attach magnet to back with tacky glue. Add
embellishments such as rhinestones once completely dry.
Tips: Color will become a shade darker after being sprayed. Rhinestone glue will keep rhinestones clear...tacky glue turns them cloudy. To add dimension to very narrow spots, such as a butterfly's body, apply a bead of glue. Dust with embossing powder. Heat with heat tool, causing glue to bubble up, creating desired dimension.
If you are having trouble visualising this, think about the layer, sort of
3D styple cards...the image is stamped several times and part is selected to be dimensional, using pop dots. Same thing only you are shaping it too.
Questions?  Contact Kelli directly!

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