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Book of Days
"2 Step Sets"
This page is fixed now!!!  Click on any photo for larger image PLUS I added an "old" Book of Days
that I originally made (scroll all the way down to the bottom)


DOWNLOAD PDF Document of "Lines" (print out on white or vanilla cardstock)
Scroll down for construction directions


  1. Print out lines on white or vanilla cardstock and stamp the month title
  2. Tear the top 1/4 of the sheet and stamp it appropriate to month/season
  3. Glue (use SU's "Liquid Glue" thick tip applicator side) on three sides of the back of the stamped cardstock and layer it onto a colored background paper.  Do this for every month-- you will have 13 pages (cover + 12 mos.) each layered.
  4. Assemble the book in facing pages and then glue the "Cover" page to "January" and "February" page back to back with the "March" page, using the liquid glue generously around all four corners of the book. Each "page" is actually 4 sheets thick  In order: white/color/color/white which makes the book quite sturdy.
  5. This book was "continuous coil" bound at a printing shop

Stamping the "Month"

Glue 3 sides

Secure down the sides


Book of Days that I made a few years ago with Feathered Hope: