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6x6 Photo Holder/Memory Album
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6x6 Photo Holder
Directions: Shameless stole this idea from Crystal Terracina who showed me her samples at Leadership 2006 in January.  I LOVE this easy project! 

This entire project is made from less than half of a Scrappin' Memories Kit and then some envelopes (more than 15 pull out envelope pages makes it unsteady... stick with 10)

Embellishing the front, I do use buttons and ribbon, etc.



Step 1:  Cut one of the 12x12 sheets into two 6 inch strips and score at 5 1/4 & 6 inches. Overlap (difficult to see, but they are overlapped) with about 3/4 inch not overlapped (you will need the non-overlapped area to equal the "side width" which in this case is 3/4 inches in the spine). This makes the book close more square.

Step 2: Envelopes -  you will be folding backward the flap of an envelope and adhering it to the back of itself.  Make about 10 of them.  Then adhere them to each other where they meet (not at the bottom, but at the middle along the "glue" line). Do not trust the glue on the envelope, but use monoadhesive to stick.

Embellish the first envelope with one of the kit's "strip".


Step 3: Make the "pull out" pages that go in the envelopes.  Cut the other 12 x 12 sheets to quarter sheets and then use the white or vanilla sheets and cut to slightly smaller and adhere as shown.  Embellish the "pages" as shown with the pre-adhesive dye cuts in the kit.  Use the "embossing buddy" to the back of the dye cut to remove the excess "stickiness".








































The far left fold out book is just 5 x 10 inch pieces folded in half and adhered back to back.  The front page is embellished with a pre-adhesive "strip" that comes with the kit.



Click sample (above) for much larger detail



These samples created by Crystal Terracina

Stamped by Crystal Terracina

Created by Crystal Terracina
"In Full Bloom" Scrappin' Memories Kit

Created by Crystal Terracina
"Polka Dot Party" Scrappin' Memories Kit

Shared by:  Amy Celona