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5 in 1 Template Pocketbook from Atlantic City Regional


Directions:  Saw this at the Atlantic Regionals but I am dense and so Barbara Miriello helped me out with showing me how (I shamelessly followed her lead).

:Step 1.  You need the 5 in 1 template (from Stampin' Up!) shown in photo.

Choose two coordinating pieces of decorative paper.

Cut one of them using the entire template (turning the template so that both "sides" gets the small side flap).  This will be the piece that will be really "seen".

Cut the second one using only the bottom (small flap bottom), again, turning the template over so that you get the small flap sides.  BTW, this piece will be the pocketbook "bottom".


Step 2: Turn both pieces over and then adhere together on the small bottom flap, as shown

Step 3:

Bring the sides around and up like shown.

**Fold the large top flap in half (fold it from the top edge down to the score line that begins the pocketbook) to create the enclosure.

Use Velcro to close the pocketbook

Be creative with the embellishments!

Shared by:  Amy Celona