Stampin’ Up! Fabric Purses

Stampin' Up! Fabric Purses

I had some fun with Stampin’ Up!’s fabric… I wanted to make a special gift for my team members who made the investment in their business to attend Convention 2012!  I have  a friend who is a talented seamstress who copied the Stampin’ Up! gift of a small purse with some fabulous fold outs for the Alaskan Cruise and she came  up with an exceptional copy of it based upon the ‘Potato Chip Bag‘ (because you can’t just make one) pattern.

Nina (my seamstree) is currently working with her daughter to get together the ‘revised Potato Chip bag’ (i.e., with the fold out front with built in purse and the back pockets) in a pattern to offer to sell. I can keep you posted when she has it done.  If you can’t wait, use the link to the basic bag pattern to get you started!

If you are viewing this via email, you can’t view the photo gallery below… click on the title of this article to go to my site and look at the gallery of 10 purse styles (in larger detail).