Video – Paper Pin Technique

Butterfly Paper Pin Rose Paper Pin

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Last month I received a gift of a lovely butterfly paper pin and scalloped circle book from Kelli Purkey and I just *HAD* to make that butterfly myself.

THANK YOU Kelli!  You all must go to her site and subscribe immediately (so I get brownie points and therefore more handstamped gifts…).

I completely devoured every detail of her finished pin… the butterfly from God’s Beauty (Level 1 Hostess Set) complete with rhinestone and wire embellishments on a pale plum cardstock (see below).

I decided to make my butterfly look like a ‘monarch’ butterfly and my daughter came down and picked up Kelli’s (purple butterfly, see below) and said “MOM! This is awesome, did you make it?!” to which I replied, “no, I made ALL the other ones… oh, go clean your room!”

Kelli Purkey Paper Pin So, you can see how beautiful Kelli’s pin is right down to the twisted wire antennae with rhinestones set (yeah, thanks Kelli… I’ll never get the Crystal Effects off my fingers!).

Enjoy the video that I made in ‘real time’… you are seeing the actual process as I was coming up with my May ‘Technique Freak’ club project for tonight (nothing like the last minute).  The video was shot with my new Sony Handycam and edited with Sony Vegas Studio Pro (which I taught myself yesterday)!